See pictures of a few examples of our latest achievements. Unique, unusual, enormous, immense, exceptional… Many companies have already put their faith in us! These achievements prove that we can handle any form of wood industrial packaging based on your packaging needs.

07/06/2018 – Customized tarpaulin for open top container

Generally, open top containers are identical to general purpose containers, except that the roof can be removed and replaced by a tarpaulin. In this case, the product exceeded the height of the container. So WaluPack Services made this customized tarpaulin so that the package would still be protected.

09/06/2018 – Protection of a “skid” with 300 micron heat-shrinkable film

The film adapts perfectly to the shapes and dimensions of your products and protects them from UV rays and the weather. The use of a heat-shrinkable film adds to the protection provided by the wooden box. In some cases, such as this one, the film can replace wooden packaging if your product does not require special top cover protection.

26/04/2017 – Protection for air transport of ductile iron pipes

WaluPack Services made this special packaging to protect these ductile iron pipes during transportation. In fact, they are going to travel more than 4,000 kilometres by plane to reach Doha (Qatar). Made from cement and cast iron, these pipes offer unique properties for transporting water under pressure.

14/08/2016 – Production of maritime “shuttle boxes” for copper coils

WaluPack Services designed these shuttle boxes to protect copper coils, or “bobines” in French, during their transportation by sea. These boxes are specially designed to act as shuttles. They may be reused many times and therefore represent both an economic and ecological gain. It is a responsible packaging solution, ideal for logistical loops and optimising your empty returns.

05/03/2016 – Maritime packaging of a gas flare of exceptional size

“Gas flare” is the term used for large metal towers used to burn natural gas wastes at different stages of oil and natural gas development. WaluPack Services packaged one of them for shipment by sea. The package measured 398 x 398 x 420 cm when packed.

17/02/2016 – Stowage on a flat rack container

WaluPack Services handled the packaging of these products and their stowage on a “flat rack”. The flat rack container has no fixed side walls or roof. This type of container is mainly used for the transport of heavy and/or bulky packages.

11/12/2015 – Bracing an oven to protect it during transport

While the work of the industrial packager is mainly concerned with the exterior portion of products, at times, it is the interior that needs protecting! Thus, it was necessary to brace this oven to protect it during its transport to a Paris-based company.

29/12/2014 – Maritime packaging of a walrus… the ultimate!

This artwork was to be sent overseas by ship. It was protected from corrosion by means of a heat-sealable cover.

16/04/2014 – Non-standard 50,500 kg sea-worthy packaging

WaluPack Services created packaging that was unusual, to say the least! It involved packing a 39,500 kg stainless steel tank to protect it during maritime shipping. The wooden box has dimensions that make made your head spin: 1,745 x 470 x 309 cm. In the end, this package had a gross weight (packaging included) of 50,500 kg!