Pack, protect, wedge, cushion, seal, etc. Each situation is unique! WaluPack Services studies your request and designs customized packaging for your products, thanks to their unique expertise, a wide range of packaging products and a wide array of customizations.


All industrial packaging produced by WaluPack Services can be equipped with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system.

RFID technology can identify an object, track its progression and establish its specifications remotely using a built-in chip.

Upon your request, personalised information can be stored in tags: characteristics of the packaged product, serial number, destination and even contact details of the insurer to be contacted in case of problems!

WaluPack Services : RFID


WaluPack Services offers its customers several wedging solutions to protect or hold their delicate items in place. Wedges also help to cushion shocks during transport.

Wooden Wedges

WaluPack Services : Wooden wedges

Foam Wedges

WaluPack Services : Foam Wedges

Temperature sensor

To measure the temperature or humidity inside your packages, WaluPack Services can equip them with a temperature sensor.


You may also equip your industrial packaging with various accessories:


WaluPack Services: vent


WaluPack Services : hasp

Document Holder

WaluPack Services: Accessories - Document Holder